Why Learn German?

Research shows that learning a second language helps a child learn English, especially in the case of German, as both languages come from a common Germanic language and share many similarities in both vocabulary and grammar.

Learning German and English together provides a wider view and deeper sense of the world. It immediately doubles the range of songs, poetry, stories, films and websites that children can understand and learn from.

Students in Edmonton Public School’s German Bilingual Program have the opportunity to travel to Germany, obtain internationally recognized certificates in German proficiency, and earn bursaries toward their post secondary studies.

Most of all, German is cool and fun to learn!

Deutsch lernen in Edmonton

Ihre Kinder können in Edmonton gleichzeitig auf Deutsch und auf Englisch lernen! Weitere Informationen zur Anmeldung in einem Kindergarten oder einer Schule des bilingualen Programms finden Sie unter „Our Schools”!

2021 Open Houses

German-Bilingual Program (K-12)

Give your child a head start with the gift of a second language.

No previous knowledge of German required when starting school!

All information sessions will be virtual – join online!

Open House Dates (K-6):

Rio Terrace School (7609-154 Street, Edmonton)

February 4, 6:30 online at

Forest Heights (10304-81 Street, Edmonton)

February 9, 6:30 online at

Rideau Park (10605-42 Avenue, Edmonton)

February 18, 6:30 online at

Open House Dates (Jr. High):

Allendale Jr. High School (7609-154 Street, Edmonton)

March 11, 6:30 – 7:15 online at