Grade 8 Exchange Trip

Organized by the Alberta Cultural Exchange Experience Society (ACEES), grade 8 German bilingual students at Allendale School have the opportunity to take part in an exchange trip with students from Germany.

The first part of the trip is a 12 day stay in Germany. Allendale students spend part of the time attending school with their exchange partners and the rest travelling throughout the country with their Canadian classmates visiting museums, cities, and cultural institutions. In the second part, students from IGS Roderbruch school in Hanover come to Edmonton and are billeted with host families.

The trip is an opportunity to:

  • experience the culture, language, and customs of German speaking peoples.
  • improve the students’ language skills.
  • compare the German school system and their own, with the intent of fostering an appreciation of the differences between the two systems.
  • increase their maturity due to the unique situations they will find themselves in and dealing with, both on the tour, and in their billet.
  • develop an appreciation for the need for interdependence when participating in an activity such as a visit to a foreign country.